Our Story

I have always owned and loved dogs my entire life and over the years I have done a fair amount of walking. When Arnie joined the family I soon realised that walking and caring for dogs was most important to me so, in a leap of faith, I quit my job in management to do something that I am passionate about and that makes me look forward to every working day. With Walkies with Arnie I have found all that and more. 

Being around dogs all day, seeing their faces light up when I collect them and their joy as we explore the many adventure trails around Berkshire, truly is a pleasure.  Arnie likes to tag along, the happy soul he is, he loves to make new friends and have a buddy or two to play with. 

Meet the Team



Founder and Chief Dog Walker

Recently left my management role to spend time doing what I love.



Co-Founder & Chief Walkee

I'm Arnie, I'm a young Labrador and love going on long walks, meeting and playing with other dogs.



I like coming on walks when I can, I'm smaller than Arnie but I can run just as fast.